Both ultimate and regular version contains all the features mentioned on the website. But there are a few main differences:

  • Ultimate version allows you to whitelabel your email and text notifications. This means that there is no branding in the notifications.
  • Ultimate version gets you 3 pc activation instead of only 1 in the regular version.
  • Ultimate version gets you unlimited instances instead of only 1 in the regular version.

You can buy additional activations for both the version by contacting us.

A regular customer can also upgrade to the ultimate version by paying the difference.

In future, we plan to add all new features to both the versions. The ultimate version does not increase your chance of securing a release but multiple pc licenses/instances can always help.

So essentially, the ultimate version is for those who have their own ATC services or similar gigs and want to hide the fact that they used BetterNikeBot to secure the pair of shoes. 🙂

better nike bot - notification settings