If you’re not using a sneaker bot to secure your pairs online, then you’re most probably missing out. The advantages of a nike or footlocker bot are huge.

For one, you don’t have to manually use a browser and do the clicks, that’s a given. But the real test is when a site like footlocker or eastbay goes down, like what happened past saturday during the Air Jordan 7 ‘Bordeaux’ launch. Manual users are left to continuously try and refresh the pages. While a bot being a bot can automatic retry until the site is back online.

Besides that, a bot can handle multiple accounts with ease and have advanced features like auto checkout and proxy support. Many people have turned their bot investment into a business opportunity by starting Add to Cart Services and by selling even the carts themselves.

If you can’t beat them, join them.

So, if you’ve made up your mind to get started in the bot world – here are a few reasons to choose #TeamBnb over comparable products:

  1. Affordable – Even though $200 entry point does not sound affordable in any sense, you realize the whole picture when you compare it with other products. For softwares with similar or even less features then BNB, people are charging multiple times this amount. Besides that we have a really simple pricing structure where everyone gets all features irrespective of the package they choose.


  2. Free Updates – With BNB, updates are always free. Over the time, bnb has constantly evolved and all customers have been getting free updates. When nike went into hibernate mode some time back, everyone saw it as a money making opportunity by selling their footsite bots. However, we went ahead and gave a free license of our BNB All in One to every existing customer. Free updates means free updates in our book.


  3. Sneaker Community – We always try to do our part for the sneaker community. @njsneaks (that’s us) is generally the first to put out early links for new drops. Besides that we put out information about probable restocks, give out free carts and are always inclined towards the benefit of the twitter sneaker community as a whole.


Join #TeamBnb today and experience the other side. Our products include: