This post will answer most of your questions about the latest yeezy drop. So please read carefully and completely. Troubleshoot tips are at bottom. If you’re facing license issues, email admin [at] with your serial code.

This post will be updated if more information comes through. So please check back. Also make sure you’re using latest bnb aio version.




Use the following links for Adidas US:

For other Adidas locales, use:

Change the domain and sku according to your locale (like or instead of

IMPORTANT: Please use US sizes for all locales.

  • You can use guest accounts on adidas. We recommend a combination of guest accounts and normal accounts for best results.
  • Start the bot only after the product is live. Keep and eye on twitter and the adidas splash page.
  • The bot will use checkout profile you select in bot (if autocheckout).
  • You can use Extract Cookie feature to checkout. Instructions:
  • You can manually checkout by right clicking on added product and doing Open in Browser. Please test this first as some computers cant handle this browser.
  • For normal accounts (no guest) you can even check out by logging in from chrome.
  • The bot will try to automatically solve captcha. But depending on server loads this can be slow. Manual captcha is faster and we suggest you keep solving captchas after the product is alive.
  • After the product is live, click Captcha menu -> Open for Adidas. And solve captchas until products are added to cart.
  • You may get errors like Basket Error and Atc Failed. Keep trying until products are out of stock.




Use the following links:

  • You can use guest accounts.
  • During drop you’ll get errors like 500, time out, 503, Quantity invalid etc. All these errors are fine. You just have too keep the bot running.
  • 403 error means your ip address is banned. If you have a dynamic ip, you can get new ip by resetting router. Else you need proxies. Please read up on this.




Enter link:



  • Yeezy supply can have captcha in checkout.
  • Once the product is live. Click Captcha -> Open for Yeezysupply and solve some captchas.
  • The bot has autocaptcha solver but solve some to have better chances.




Enter link:







I cannot update my bot.

Please download and install from

My bot crashes on startup.

Please uninstall and reinstall in a new folder (this will reset your settings, crash generally happens coz of bad settings).

I cannot load the captcha page solve page.

Make sure your browser is not behind a proxy. If you get Hosts error in log on startup. Please google about making your hosts file readable. Your antivirus or firewall may also block the bnb captcha server.

I dont know what to do.

If you’re completely new to bnb and bots. Please take time to watch some of our videos:

Good luck!

Advanced Stuff

Please note that the bot will work perfectly fine without reading or following anything below this line. But if you’re interested, read on.

Adidas uses google nocaptcha system which needs a sitekey. Adidas usually changes this sitekey for important drops. The bot needs this sitekey to correctly generate captcha tokens.

The bot will automatically get the correct sitekey during the drop. But if you want you can edit site key from the captcha menu.

The sitekey can be obtained after getting thru the splash page.

Enter the following code in chrome console (ctrl + shift + j, make sure top frame is selected) to get sitekey from any page with google captcha:


Again, please don’t worry about this. The bot will automatically get the sitekey. We added the option to edit sitekey because some people have been asking. You’re better off not touching this option.