The OG members of Team BNB know that we’ve always put community before money. We have always been the more affordable bot. During the almost five years of our existence, we have seen more than a couple very famous bots completely abandoning their users and stop updating.

When stopped doing exclusive drops for a while, we launched our AIO bot and gave it for free to the BNB users. We have definitely come a long way from the initial browser based bot we had and that probably reflects in our UI with lots of legacy features and design decisions which were probably right at the time.

We have updated for multiple release methods and added a lots of sites to AIO since then. By today’s standards, each big bnb update could have been its own new bot.

In contrast with what a lot of people may think, we are not a big team of developers. In fact, its just one developer and one person handling support. But we are looking to expand the team and work on new things. We are looking for experienced developers and people who can help us out in support.

We are working on new UI for both of our bots and a limited shopify only bot. And even though its a given, current users will receive the v2 upgrade for bnb and bnb aio for free.

For this reason, we had to start charging for updates earlier this week. Users who bought in 2018 already knew about paid updates period. Users who bought earlier, we hope you can support us in this decision and are as excited as us for the future of BNB. We truly believe this is better than abandoning the current version and sell the new UI update as a separate bot.