With Nike cancelling and postponing sneaker releases on ndc, we have come to realize the requirement of a shoe bot for footsites. Such a bot should work on many different websites that sell Nike shoes online.

Introducing BNB All In One

Better Nike Bot – All In One is a new product that will help you buy shoes from many different online outlets. Please do not confuse this with the All In One Chrome Extensions that are available online. This is a premium product that works without a browser which means its much faster.

The initial release will support at least the following websites:

  • Eastbay
  • Footaction
  • Foot Locker
  • Champ Sports

Many more websites will be added in future.

This bot will be made available any time next week.

Good News For BNB Users

All our Better Nike Bot customers (regular and ultimate) will receive a free license (one activation) for the AIO bot. People who buy Better Nike Bot before 15 June 2015 will have a chance to get the AIO for free.

We have always put our customers first and think they deserve to get it free. Another part of reason is the customers who bought bnb just before the cancelled launches and haven’t had a chance to utilize the power of bnb.


The BNB All In One will be available at $200. People who buy BNB after 06/15 will have to purchase the AIO separately. Please note that this is a separate product and the current BNB users are getting it for free only as a token of thanks.