We are releasing a huge upgrade to our manual captcha browser. Manual captcha is really important for your cook game as automatic captcha services like 2captcha etc are generally much slower than manual captcha. Besides during drop these automatic captcha services are under a lot of stress which makes them even more unreliable.

Before continuing, make sure you watch the preview video below to understand our unique features:

How to Use Manual Captcha

  • Make sure you’ve chrome installed on your machine. You can use ninite.com to quickly install chrome.
  • Open the captcha solver for respective site using the captcha menu.
  • Keep the captcha solver window open and once the bot requires a captcha, the window will automatically set autoclick to On. You can then start solving captchas.
  • If you do not have the captcha solver window open when bot requires one, the bot will open one automatically.
  • However it’s recommended to keep the captcha solver window open when starting the bot.
  • Use the Hold Click and Right Click features demonstrated in the video above to solve captchas really fast.


How to Get One Click Captcha

One click captcha is when google thinks you’re not a robot even without asking for a captcha. Since our captcha browser has a autoclick feature, you do not even have to make the one click.

Please note that the following instructions are anecdotal. What works for someone to get one click captcha might not work for you. But we provide you with a full fledged chrome browser behind our captcha browser so possibilities are endless. Feel free to research and find out what works best for you.

  • Do the following steps 10-20 minutes before drop.
  • Use captcha menu to clear browser session.
  • Open Youtube from captcha menu.
  • Login to youtube and watch a video for at least 1-2 minutes.
  • That’s it. Wait for the product to drop and keep an eye out on the captcha window.


Help! Captcha browser is not working. It opens website instead.

This is one weird chrome issue. Please restart the bot and the problem should go away. If it still doesn’t work, please Open YouTube from the captcha menu and keep this chrome window open and try opening the captcha browser again.