Big Things Are Coming

The OG members of Team BNB know that we’ve always put community before money. We have always been the more affordable bot. During the almost five years of our existence, we have seen more than a couple very famous bots completely abandoning their users and stop updating.

When stopped doing exclusive drops for a […]

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Important Update Regarding Nike Account Creator

As many of you must have realized, the nike account creator in our BNB bot has not been working for past few days because Nike has been actively trying to stop our account creator.

Starting today, we have to introduce some limits to the account creator in order to keep the feature alive.

Regular users will […]

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Supreme “Card Declined” Error Update

We recently posted about the supreme card declined error. If you haven’t already read it, please do so: Supreme “Card Declined” Error and What it Means

Looks like supreme online has changed things up a bit since that.

  • You can no longer check for issues with the invalid card number trick mentioned in previous post.
  • […]

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