Recently you might have noticed “error generating cookies” in the log with subsequent 403 errors. Please follow the following steps to use our new cookie generation method. This helps in bypassing some checks the online stores have in place against bots.

IMPORTANT: You must follow the following steps to continue getting success with our bots. You only have to do this once per computer. If you still get cookie errors after this, it might be some temporary issue.


Step 1: Download and run IIS Crypto from this link. You want to download the GUI version.

Step 2: Accept the terms and run the tool. You’ll see a window like one below:


Step 3: Click on Best Practices. Then click OK on the prompt. Then click Apply to apply the settings. Your settings should look like below:


Step 4: Click ok and then restart your computer manually. Your computer is ready to use the bot now.


Follow the above steps on any computer/server you want to run BNB on.