Frequently Asked Questions

/Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions. Some of these questions may not make sense to you if you don’t own the bot yet.

No we do not allow any sharing or selling of key. If you are caught selling the key it will be revoked indefinitely. You can view our contact page to see authorized sellers.

We recommend starting 10-15 minutes in advance. Do not try to start very close to the launch time (we see some people doing that, there’s no real advantage to that).

Do not worry. That’s what nike sends us and there’s no way to bypass it. We have been successfully coping with PIL -5 that automatically changes at a later time. Sometimes it doesn’t change and it still gets carted.

For example, the infrared 6 release on 28 nov – everyone that copped started with PIL -5. Nike gave PIL -5 to everyone to start with.

We don’t know if its a nike bug/feature. But it definitely is nothing to worry about.

Just let it wait and it should be fine.

The probability of you carting shoes with BnB is directly proportional to your internet speed and computer speed. Even if you have got both of those right, there’re a lot of random factors that come into play.

What we can tell you is that BnB is the best shot you got at securing any limited shoe on We know nike inside out and from our knowledge, this is as good as it gets.

Test and tweak your settings. Never give up. We’re giving you the best software at an amazing price, it’s up to you to utilize it properly. Read our documentation and faqs.

The number of computers you can use Better Nike Bot on is governed by number of activations. A regular customer gets one activation by default. So you can install it on only one computer.

However, if you decide to change your computer, you can simply uninstall on the first computer before installing on the second one.


Likewise, users with more than one activations per license key can activate the bot on only a specific number of computers. Uninstalling an instance on bnb deactivates that instance so that you can activate on some other computer.

The main reason for twitter stream disconnection is incorrect time on your computer. Please make sure that your pc time and timezone have correct settings. Also double check your DST settings.

Another reason can be that you are using the same twitter account in another instance of the bot or in some other bot.

These errors can be caused because of one of the following reasons:

  • You do not have .Net Framework 4.5 installed on your system.
  • You are not running the nike bot as an administrator.

In order to fix these issues, download and install the .Net Framework 4.5.

And run the bot as an administrator by right clicking on the icon and selecting “Run as Administrator”.

Yes, you can add GS size. You’ll need to select “GS” in the size select option in the main window. Then you specify a GS size in the account without a ‘Y’ sign.

You can even add both GS and men sizes into the same account. For this, follow these steps:

  • Select “All” in the size select option.
  • Enter sizes separated by comma in the size field of the account. eg. “4,10”.

When a tweet comes, the better nike bot will automatically scan all links and add the appropriate sizes for you.

Both ultimate and regular version contains all the features mentioned on the website. But there are a few main differences:

  • Ultimate version allows you to whitelabel your email and text notifications. This means that there is no branding in the notifications.
  • Ultimate version gets you 3 pc activation instead of only 1 in the regular version.
  • Ultimate version gets you unlimited instances instead of only 1 in the regular version. This means with unlimited you can open BNB more than once on a single computer/server at a time and increase your chances!

You can buy additional activations for both the version by contacting us.

A regular customer can also upgrade to the ultimate version by paying the difference.

In future, we plan to add all new features to both the versions. The ultimate version does not increase your chance of securing a release but multiple pc licenses/instances can always help.

Some more advanced features may only be available in ultimate version. Like unlimited account creator in BNB. So please refer to the product page for such difference.

So essentially, the ultimate version is for those who have their own ATC services or similar gigs and want to hide the fact that they used BetterNikeBot to secure the pair of shoes. 🙂

better nike bot - notification settings

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