As many of you must have realized, the nike account creator in our BNB bot has not been working for past few days because Nike has been actively trying to stop our account creator.

Starting today, we have to introduce some limits to the account creator in order to keep the feature alive.

Regular users will now be able to create only 5 accounts per day using the account creator. If you want to create unlimited accounts, you will have to upgrade to the ultimate plan.

The ultimate plan gives you two additional activations (you can use same key on two more computers) and some whitelabel options for email notifications. In future we may introduce some more ultimate only feature so that the upgrade is a better value for money for you guys.

Please understand that we have to take this decision in order to keep the account creator feature alive. The alternative would have been to scrap the account creator all together. We have to do some server side processing to support this feature now which takes significant resources.

5 accounts per day should be enough for most people anyways.

If you wish to upgrade please use the following link: